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Innovative sports equipment

Hamburg-based Cotesk aims to change the way that football enthusiasts practise ball control and bring their game to a new level with the aid of novel and innovative football training equipment.

We created a comprehensive corporate design for them, including the style of language used, as well as a Shopify-based online shop.

Logo and Name

Standards are always dangerous

So that is why we developed a logo where colour of the upper part of the letter t can be varied. Even the angle of the bevels was designed to be 15° – which is the same angle as a shallow diagonal pass.

Background of the cotesk website in soccer look with floodlight

Corporate Design

You get no points for a pretty game

…but kick and rush is no fun either! The overall dynamics and the vibe of the corporate design is reminiscent of the atmosphere on the football pitch: backgrounds with elements of floodlights and rising evening mist, and diagonals that symbolise the dynamics of football, a distinctive script for headlines, and a more mellow script for the running text – for the visual communication all positions are filled perfectly.

Business card for Florian Baetcke, cotesk – Sports Equipment and Apparel Marketing GmbH

Online Shop

Perfect ball distribution

The online shop originally kicked off with just its own product – the Cotesk One. We staged it fabulously: a large-format header allows plenty of space to include all the essential information about Cotesk One; and the product features are shown underneath in a slider before the customers see the various colour variations.

A special highlight is the interactive pitch at the end of the website: each individual position can be selected with a simple click, whereupon a skill is explained that can be trained using the Cotesk One.

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Football is


No need for dilly-dallying

Football has its own rules – and also its own language. We have used this deep pass to our advantage, but always keep the ball low. This means that with the use of the right headlines even linguistically inconspicuous legal text fits in with the corporate language concept.

It was a long and intensive 90 minutes, which was completely und utterly worthwhile – you’ve done an unbelievable job!

Florian Baetcke, Managing Director To the website