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You shop, we ship.

A business that coordinates shipping processes and makes sure they run smoothly was looking for a team that could totally revamp all their visual communication. They also wanted a visually attractive website and a programmed system that automatically recorded and executed the whole shipment processing for online purchases.

Corporate Design

Three colours – one shape

Whether it’s used as the logo or as a business card – the arrow is the unmistakeable trademark of E-BOX DELIVERY and symbolises the direction the shipment takes from shop to customer.

Corporate Design business cards E-BOX DELIVERY


Clear and concise

Digitally, the arrow is picked up on in the large-scale slider. The short sentences underline the smooth shipment processing and clearly communicates the slogan »YOU SHOP, WE SHIP«.

Webseite of E-BOX DELIVERY

Freight cost calculator

Maximising use of space

Thanks to the freight cost calculator, customers can always see how many products they can still add to their basket before it reaches the next higher freight cost rate.

Freight cost calculator of E-BOX DELIVERY

Convenient processing

For both sides

Once they have made their purchase, the customer can enter the delivery address and preferred method of payment. The shop then receives a message containing all the relevant shipping information.

Convenient processing for the shop and the customer

Freight tracking

Everything on screen

The customer and the shop can always see exactly where the shipment is at any particular time. The shop automatically receives confirmation once the parcel has been delivered.

Freight tracking symbol of E-BOX DELIVERY

The visuellverstehen team not only fulfils all our requirements to a high standard; they treat the project as though it were their own. You couldn’t find more pleasure and motivation in any collaboration. Many thanks!

Roy Timmermann, Managing Director E-BOX DELIVERY To the website