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Digital mixing – analogue nibbling

Choose from many different treats and put together your own bag of sweets, like you could at corner shops in the old days. It’s a similar idea at But the choice of over 200 delicious treats is much bigger than back then. And the whole thing is also a bit more modern.

Website of mynaschwerk on a smartphone and tablet

Design & function

The realisation focused on a contemporary, attractive design combined with a technical implementation that makes it possible to pick and mix all the products as desired.

A delicious Variety

Creative mixing

Customers can pick their own mixture, and thanks to the coloured status bar (implemented using AngularJS) they always know how many sweets they can still add.

Mixer of mynaschwerk on a tablet

Something to be seen

Also a visual delight

The light and dark structured background of the website creates a contrast to the individual sweets, while also accentuating the various colours.

Website of mynaschwerk on a smartphone
Website of mynaschwerk on a laptop

The final touch

And last but not least your chosen mixture is given a name, which is then printed on a label on the tin. Your own logos and labels can also be integrated in the B2B section.

World of sweets, Organza sachets, B2B

For every occasion

Whether you want white almonds for a wedding, individual gifts for clients and customers or ready mixed selections – you can order all the mynaschwerk treats online.

World of sweets of mynaschwerk on a smartphone and on a tablet

A delicious idea.

Hark Frithejm, Managing Director To the website