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Greeting the future

OECONOMIA brings Flensburg’s business community together to discuss future issues. The event that premieres at the Yachting Heritage Centre in November 2018 is planned as a biennial opportunity to discuss topics of interest, hear prominent speakers and have plenty of opportunities for networking.

What’s in a name


There were two things that annoyed us about the original working title »Flensburg Entrepreneur Day« – the terms » Entrepreneur Day« and »Flensburg«. We set ourselves the goal of finding something that would work without using the name of the city but which still clearly indicates where it is taking place. We wanted to create a graphic positioning coupled with a self-confident name.

And so OECONOMIA came about. Derived from Ökonomie, German for economy, – the totality of all institutions and activities that can serve the planned satisfaction of needs. The name has a superior ring to it and the Latin inspired name emphasises its value.

Citation of the following sentence: "The Kompagnietor was built by master builder Dirick Lindingk in 1602 as a meeting place for Flensburg’s seafarers" on a yellow background.

Making a statement

without the Nordertor city gate

While looking for a symbol we delved deeply into the city’s history. We wanted to find something that symbolises the sense of community and the cooperation exercised by the Flensburg business sector. That eliminated the Nordertor – which we were not sorry about, because as beautiful as the symbol is, it is used all too frequently.

Luckily there is no lack of striking buildings in the wonderful city of Flensburg – and one of these is the Kompagnietor. It was built in the 17th century as a place of assembly for Flensburg’s mariners and has an unmistakeable silhouette: the ideal symbol for an event like this had been found.


preferably without any

As a combination of tradition and modernity, the symbol represents the idea of OECONOMIA – plain and elegant. We only use colour to delineate the specific series of events.

A Photograph of the OECONOMIA-save-the-date-card showing the embossed logo on the front of the card.

As the organiser of the event, I am absolutely delighted with visuellverstehen’s quick, creative and professional work and their special engagement.

Michael Otten, Managing Director WiREG To the website