From the beginning to the present

Since 24 September 2012

Süss Jor

To celebrate our sixth anniversary, we decided to honour our roots in a very particular way. We all feel very closely tied to the far north – which is why our website appears completely in Low German on our birthday. The key element is the corporate history audio, spoken in Low German by our whole team. Parallel to this we have also published our clients’ congratulatory messages in Low German. After so much talking we more than deserved some refreshment, which we found in the shape of a delicious birthday meal at the Hafenküche.
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“All good things come to those who wait” – and it’s true, considering that Timon did an internship with us over four years ago. In view of this, we are particularly pleased that you are now here to support us with web development. Welcome!

Timon Schönfeld sitzt mit grauem Pulli, gelber Cappy und Brille an seinem Schreibtisch in der unteren Etage der Agentur und lächelt in die Kamera.

Mudflat hiking tour

For this year’s summer party we went off to the Nordstrandischmoor hallig. With great weather and in a cheery mood we spent a few hours in the Wattenmeer mudflats, including a delicious picnic on the hallig.

In the evening, having licked our wounds inflicted by the mussel shells, we retired to the park (though the hard core later carried on in the office) to enjoy a few drinks, Viking chess, witty discussions – and metre-pizza from Pizzateca Da Toni.

To the gallery (Facebook).

The team of visuellverstehen sits in the sunshine on the Halig Nordstrandischmoor and looks into the camera.


The corporate design magazine CO&CO is published four times a year to present the latest design solutions from the international corporate world.

Once again, we received an award – this time in the 100% magenta edition for the corporate design of the Technologiezentrum Flensburg.

CXI Brand talks 2018

Anne and Timon were at the CXI Brand Talks in wonderful Bielefeld on 15 June. At the biggest corporate and brand identity conference in Europe they visited numerous Brand Talks and came home to the agency with a lot of innovative and inspiring insights.

Anne und Timon stehen nebeneinander auf der CXI in Bielefeld, im Hintergrund ist das Publikum zu sehen, dass in einem abgedunkelten Hörsaal auf die Bühne blickt.

Frontend United 2018 | Utrecht

On the first weekend in June, Jan, Malte Riechmann and Sven made a short excursion into our neighbouring country – though for once not Denmark, but the Netherlands.

At Frontend United in Utrecht, together with developers from all over the world, they gained valuable insights into frontend developments such as progressive web apps, single page apps, frontend performance and other innovative areas.

Entrance of the Frontend United 2018 in Utrecht.

TYPO 2018 Berlin

This weekend, Timon, Malte and Sebastian visited TYPO 2018 in Berlin. Three days packed full of interesting and informative talks centred on digitalisation, digital transformation mechanisms, big data, personal data, digital branding and analogue design.

Timon Oberfeldt, Sebastian Rode und Malte Jensen stehen bei bestem Wetter vor dem Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin.


Moritz is on board with immediate effect and supporting Flo and Melissa. We are really looking forward to the new input and his years of agency experience as a concept developer and copywriter – you are most welcome!

Moritz Pelte lächelnd sitzend an seinem Schreibtisch bei visuellverstehen in die Kamera und trägt ein blau-weiß kariertes Hemd.

Honey Bunny

The Easter Bunny also looked in on us at the weekend to hide some hejmonti Flensburg Honey – really delicious!

Die Osterüberraschung für die Kolleginnen und Kollegen von visuellverstehen: Ein Glas Flensburger Honig in einer Papiertüte im Corporate Design von visuellverstehen.

Passed with flying colours

Today Rune qualified as IT Specialist for Application Development with grade 1.6 – congratulations, Rune, a super achievement! We are delighted that having completed your training you will now be with us full-time.

Sören Riechmann, Rune Piper and Flemming Petersen sitting together, laughing while a team meeting.

beyond tellerrand (Munich)

Flo, Jöran and Sven at the first of this year’s beyond tellerrand in Munich – two days packed full of interesting lectures about design, web development, creativity and the networking of society and technological progress.


Anne Ahoy! With extensive professional experience under her belt, as of today Anne is supporting our graphic design team. We are happy to profit from your enthusiasm and enjoy even more diverse inspiration.


In future Jan will be commuting between the uni and Nordergraben 70 – welcome to visuellverstehen! We wish you a lot of fun in the field of web development.


Christmas greetings

This year we have once again swapped our digital tools for whisk and mixing bowl to conjure up delicious crispy chocolate cookies – because for us good taste is also important offline.

Weihnachtsgebäck von visuellverstehen in einer Papiertüte mit Stempel auf einem Tisch in der Agentur stehend.


To visuellverstehen via Weilheim, Regensburg, Munich and Athens – a warm welcome, dear Melissa. We look forward to your support in our copywriting section.

First day at school

Today is Flemming’s first day at vocational college – naturally we couldn’t let him go without the traditional cornet of goodies; and of course we also wish him great fun and success.

The AgenturCamp (Munich)

Greetings from the Bavarian capital! Malte and Sören spent two interesting days at the AgenturCamp at Microsoft’s new Munich headquarters. They returned home with not just some special regional beers but also plenty of inspirational impulses for our daily work.

Open Friday

We held our first sipgate-inspired Open Friday, where we spent the whole day in small groups developing valuable ideas for visuellverstehen. A great day, and definitely not our last Open Friday!

Timon, Sven and Rune talking about notes which are written down on Post-its.


Communicator, connoisseur, travel enthusiast – that is Malte, our new colleague responsible for customer care and project coordination. A staunch northerner, he brings with him a wealth of experience in agency work, and has in recent years supervised a wide range of projects. It’s good to have you with us!

Schwarz-Weiß-Bild von Malte Jensen stehend im Büro von visuellverstehen.

TYPO3camp Hamburg

The weekend was all about Hashtag #t3chh. Malte, Rune, Sven and Flemming attended the TYPO3camp in Hamburg together, where they were able to follow a variety of interesting sessions.

We also gave a few talks, thus contributing on a variety subjects.

TYPO3camp Hamburg 2017 Session-Plan

Five Years

What a great party that was! We opened the doors of our agency at 14:00, and were delighted to welcome all those who came to celebrate this special day with us – quite a few of whom stayed late into the night. By the end of the day our collection box was full to the brim: we were able to donate € 525 each to the Friends of Scheersberg (Förderverein Scheersberg e. V.) and Refugee Aid Flensburg (Flüchtlingshilfe Flensburg e. V.) gespendet werden.

Thank you very, very much for the numerous congratulations, presents and donations, and above all simply for being here – you made our anniversary an even better day.

Flensburg singt Sinatra

Eight soloists, three duet partners and the JazzcoastOrchestra are bringing Frank (The Voice) Sinatra’s hits to Flensburg – and as sponsor we are handling all the advertising material, social media support, PR and the website for this special event.

Poster of the event Flensburg singt Sinatra


Two days ago Flemming started his training as an IT specialist for application development. We are already delighted with the great breath of fresh air you bring to the team, the IT knowledge you already have, and of course the fact that you speak fluent Low German as well.

Or as you “Plattdeutsch” speakers would put it:
“Dann man tau, schön dat du dorbie bist.”

Schwarz-Weiß-Bild von Flemming Petersen an seinem Schreibtisch sitzend.

The AgenturCamp (Dusseldorf)

The two-day AgenturCamp in Dusseldorf was held under the motto “Agencies on the Upswing!”. Sören attended on our behalf and had plenty of interesting discussions from which he gleaned a lot of information about pricing, lean methods and agile working in a team – subjects whose implementation we are currently working on and will continue to do in future.

As well as a number of agency representatives, our hosting partner Mittwald CM Service was also in attendance.

View into a conference room with numerous participants at the AgencyCamp 2017 in Düsseldorf

Sailing trip

This year we had our summer party on the deck of the “Bodil”, out in rough seas – and the only thing that could ward off seasickness was of course a bottle or two of Flens. Many thanks to Uwe and Hark for a great trip!

The visuellverstehen team on the deck of the sailing ship »Bodil« in the Flensburg Fjord

TYPO3 v8 LTS Release Party (Flensburg)

A group of Flensburg TYPO3 web developers met at visuellverstehen for the launch of Version 8 – thanks for the interesting exchange of ideas and opinions.


From Kassel to Flensburg – that means swapping Hütt for Flens, Ahle Sausage for fish buns, and Habichtswald for the Baltic. We’re pleased to welcome your graphic design experience and expertise.

Schwarz-Weiß-Bild von Sebastian Rode am Schreibtisch sitzend.


Starting today Sven is assisting us with web development. Welcome to visuellverstehen!

Schwarz-Weiß-Bild von Sven Jahn am Schreibtisch sitzend.

Neos Conference (Hamburg)

With Fritjof and Helmut from our client at Neos Conference in Hamburg. It was fun with you!

Fritjof und Helmut von zusammen mit Malte auf der Neos Conference in Hamburg

Design Award!

In each issue of the quarterly corporate design trade magazine CO&CO, they award the “CO&CO SELECTED” distinction to an agency for outstanding work. In the first issue of 2017 we were selected for our design work for Hotel Hafen Flensburg. Thanks for the award!

And the communication platform “Design made in Germany” also published our corporate design for Hotel Hafen Flensburg.

Aufgeschlagene Doppelseite des CO&CO Corporate-Design-Magazins mit dem prämierten Beitrag von visuellverstehen für die das Corporate Design vom Hotel Hafen Flensburg Frau liest prämierten Beitrag von visuellverstehen im Coroprate-Design-Magazin CO&CO


Ahoy, Lara! We look forward to your support in our graphic design section.

Schwarz-Weiß-Bild von Lara Klemm am Schreibtisch sitzend.


Christmas greetings

Our confectionery has in the meantime gained quite a reputation for refined communication. This year, each department conjured up its own delicious filled chocolate, and these ended up in a stamped tin under your Christmas tree. We wish you bon appetit and a very Merry Christmas.

The three of visuellverstehen baked chocolates in a stamped with the company logo tin and the Christmas greeting card.

Smashing Conference (Barcelona)

Timon, Jöran, Malte and Bahne at the Smashing Conference in Barcelona.

Timon, Jöran, Malte and Bahne at the Smashing Conference in Barcelona.


Hello Lone! Our new colleague in the copywriting section. Looking forward to our months together!

Lone – Texterin visuellverstehen

Our values

Our jointly developed corporate values are the basis of our work concept and define how we deal with one another and with our clients.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.


For our summer party we built rafts and crossed the Flensburg Fjord to the Oxen Islands. To the gallery (Facebook).

visuellverstehen Sommerfest 2016

SELECTION 2016/2017

Eminently cool! We are pleased to announce that you’ll find us in this year's edition of SELECTION – Germany's Finest Agencies.

visuellverstehen – Germany’s Finest Agencies


Hello Jöran! Commencing 1st April Jöran started working with us in our web development section. We look forward to our time together!

Jöran – Webentwickler visuellverstehen


Our projects Laue Festgarderobe and Flüchtlingshilfe Flensburg e. V. have been published in the corporate design magazine CO&CO. We are proud to announce that both projects received the CO&CO Selected award.


Christmas greetings

This year all our clients and friends are getting chocolate cake for Christmas. To the gallery (Facebook).

Weihnachtspost 2015



Welcome Seniha! We’re looking forward to having you here for your three-month graphic design internship.

Seniha Praktikum

Closed-session conference

Today we are with Boyke at the Scheersberg to ponder our values.

Klausurtagung 2015 visuellverstehen

beyond tellerrand (Berlin)

Greetings from the capital of Germany! After an exciting conference we're heading back to Flensburg.

beyond tellerrand (Berlin)


We are pleased to welcome our new graphic designer Timon.

Timon – Grafikdesigner visuellverstehen


Welcome to the team, Rune. We are looking forward to our time together and an exciting apprenticeship.

Rune – Webentwickler visuellverstehen


We're glad that Elisa is going to do an internship at our agency.

Elisa Praktikum

beyond tellerrand (Düsseldorf)

Bahne, Ole, Sören and Rune attend the beyond tellerrand conference in Düsseldorf.

beyond tellerrand (Düsseldorf)


Koray – Thank you for your support in April (graphic design)!

Koray – Freelancer

Social Media Week (Hamburg)

Greetings from Hamburg. Exciting lectures such as “Employer Branding”, “Of digital nomads and nightowls” and “Ass up, foot forward!” are on the agenda. 

Social Media Week (Hamburg)


From now on Flo is pounding the keyboard for us and heading up the copywriting section at visuellverstehen. Welcome!

Flo – Texter visuellverstehen

New office


More space, and not so hot in summer: we've moved! You can now find us at Nordergraben 70.

visuellverstehen Büro Februar 2015


We are looking forward to a great internship with Sunik!

Praktikum Sunik

Christmas greetings

We use cookies: At Christmas our clients, friends and partners have to accept the use of cookies. To the gallery (Facebook).

Weihnachtspost 2014

TYPO3 conference (Berlin)

We’re keeping up to date and venturing a glimpse into the future. Bahne, Malte and Ole are in Berlin for the annual “T3CON14” TYPO3 conference.

TYPO3 Konferenz (Berlin)


Nele has been supporting us in the graphic design section since the beginning of September. We’re looking forward to some good creative moments together. It's good to have you here.

Praktikum Nele

beyond tellerrand (Düsseldorf)

Yesterday Malte, Bahne and Ole arrived in Düsseldorf. Today the “beyond tellerrand” conference kicks off. We’re looking to two great days and the chance to take home some new impressions.

beyond tellerrand (Düsseldorf)


To maintain our high standard of service we’ve added another new member to our team. A week ago Ole started supporting us in our web development section. We’re looking forward to a great future together at visuellverstehen. Welcome, Ole.

Ole – Webentwickler visuellverstehen

AllFacebook Marketing Conference (Munich)


Here we go: an exciting AllFacebook Marketing Conference in Munich starts today.

AllFacebook Marketing Conference (München)

PHP-initial training (Espelkamp)

Bahne live from the PHP introduction course at Mittwald CM service.

PHP-Einführungsschulung (Espelkamp)

Social Media Week (Hamburg)


Social Media Week in Hamburg. We're on it!

Social Media Week (Hamburg)


Timon is using his two-week semester break to get to know the workings of an agency. Welcome!

Praktikum Timon

Finn “Bombe”

Finn is going to do an internship at our agency for the next two weeks. As we’re going to start work a bit later tomorrow (it's Super Bowl Sunday today), we are starting the internship on a Sunday. And because it's Sunday, you're getting a selfie.

Finn »Bombe« Praktikum


Thank you all for your trust and your daily support. We are now a GmbH (limited liability company).


Starts today: of course we’re also taking part in MOvember and we’ll let you have a look at our moustaches on Facebook from time to time. Cancer sucks!

MOvember 2013



Christoph is also spending his school holidays usefully, using an internship with us to see if this is really the career he wants. Let’s see if we can master a few challenges together.

Praktikum Christoph

Rune and Nils

Showing initiative instead of lazing around: Rune and Nils are making use of their autumn holiday for an extracurricular internship. Within the next days they will get an insight into the fields of graphic design, web development and photo editing. A warm welcome to Rune and Nils.

Praktikum Rune und Nils

Bahne and Lewe

Our team is growing. Bahne is going to support us with web development and Lewe is joining us for a long-term graphic design internship.

Bahne und Lewe 2013

Our first office

We move into our first proper office. From now on you can find us at Dorotheenstrasse 6–8.

visuellverstehen erstes Büro

Welcome Aaron!

visuellverstehen adds another creative mind to the team. With his open and friendly nature Aaron suits the team perfectly. We look forward to working on a lot of exciting projects together. 

Aaron Jessen visuellverstehen

Home­ of­fice

Our first roll-up in the living room at Malte's flat share.


Christmas greetings


Our first weeks as young entrepreneurs have passed, and we’re feeling great about our decision. We are now involved in some exciting projects and are looking forward to many more creative moments.

Weihnachtsgruß 2012 visuellverstehen

Company founded

visuellverstehen is listed in the commercial register. Here we go!

Hello World!

Here you’ll find information about our latest projects, services and about us – adaptable, informative and communicative.

Erste Webseite visuellverstehen

The Beginning

We discovered our passion for programming and designing very early, and as teenagers we volunteered to design logos, leaflets and websites for our local sports club. That also gave us a great insight into working as part of a team. We got so much praise and encouragement from the people we worked with that we decided to make a career of developing and designing websites. We combined college and work, studying, developing and designing in parallel. After graduation we knew there was only one way ahead for us: starting a company that brought together our ideas, abilities and passion for our work.

Akribie – Werte visuellverstehen

Down to the minutest detail

True diligence

With every project we pay great attention to details and individual characteristics right from the start. The result can only work and be convincing if each and every component is apt and well thought-out.

Our values
De Trupp givt dat nun schon süss Jor! Kiek mol rin:
De Trupp givt dat nun schon süss Jor! Kiek mol rin: #visuellverstehen #6jahre …
Gesellschaftliches Engagement auch nach der Arbeit fördern: ein tolles Kreativtreffen heute bei unseren Freunden von @hafenkuecheseemannsheim. Vielen Dank für die Anfrage und den tollen Austausch an @rotaract.flensburg!
Gesellschaftliches Engagement auch nach der Arbeit fördern: ein tolles Kreativtreffen heute bei unseren …
Da hat die Sonne uns im Strahlen doch glatt noch übertroffen. Geburtstagsessen war natürlich trotzdem fantastisch. Vielen Dank an @hafenkuecheseemannsheim
Da hat die Sonne uns im Strahlen doch glatt noch übertroffen. Geburtstagsessen war natürlich trotzdem …
De Geschicht von süss Jor visuellverstehen.Kiek mol rin:
De Geschicht von süss Jor visuellverstehen.Kiek mol rin: #visuellverstehen …