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Hotel Hafen Flensburg

Real Hospitality in the Heart of the City

The site upon which Hotel Hafen Flensburg stands lay derelict for many years and was an eyesore for the city and its residents. But in December 2016, as the construction and restoration was completed, it was returned to its original 1853 purpose – a hotel directly on Flensburg’s inner harbour.

So it is no wonder that the buildings and the site have some interesting stories to tell. We had to bear these, and a good deal more, in mind when we were commissioned to develop and implement the visual communication and the website for the new hotel. A very special project – for us and for Flensburg.

Coordinates Hotel Hafen Flensburg

Visual Language

With a maritime touch and a love of detail

The corporate design includes an abundance of maritime elements, used in a number of ways. The hotel’s coordinates, waves used as separating elements or signal shapes, flags and pennants from the world of shipping are used to generate a contemporary visual language that takes into account both the location and the history of this unique ensemble of buildings.

The logo borrows from the stencilled lettering used on the barrels of rum that once shipped to Flensburg from the Caribbean – during a formative part of the city’s history. The illustration of the hotel front and a range of pictograms round off the detailed visual language we have employed.

Logo Hotel Hafen Flensburg Classification element: four stars a the flag
Illustration of the front of Hotel Hafen Flensburg Street and house number of the Hotel Hafen Flensburg
Pictograms red wine and white wine Hotel Hafen Flensburg Logo Columbus Restaurant Hotel Hafen Flensburg
Various Hotel Hafen Flensburg pictograms
The Hotel Hafen Flensburg key card on a bed


Clear, concise, seaworthy

A to Z, advertisements, aprons, conference brochures, key cards, menus, notepads, orientation plans, parking permits, room numbers, stamps, vouchers …

Hotel Hafen Flensburg key card Front and back of a voucher for Hotel Hafen Flensburg Job advertisement for Hotel Hafen Flensburg Illuminated room numbers at Hotel Hafen Flensburg Info screen in the Columbus Restaurant
Various pages of the conference brochure
Columbus Restaurant sign in Hotel Hafen Flensburg Advertorial for Hotel Hafen Flensburg An attractively set table in the Columbus Restaurant Signet Newsletter Hotel Hafen Flensburg
Main entrance of the Hotel Hafen Flensburg with neon sign Hotel Hafen Flensburg stamp motif Hotel Hafen Flensburg children’s menu can be coloured in
Logo of the Hotel Hafen Flensburg A to Z Parking permit Hotel Hafen Flensburg Please do not disturb sign at Hotel Hafen Flensburg parking sign Hotel Hafen Flensburg


Also on the right course digitally

The website combines flexibility and design, individuality and multilingualism, user-friendliness and diversity. Visitors can enjoy a host of interesting and up to date information about the hotel and the surrounding area – attractively presented with a rich variety of images and information. There is a direct booking button on each page, so you can immediately set sail and book a stay at Hotel Hafen Flensburg.

Mobile view of the Hotel Hafen Flensburg website A view of the Hotel Hafen Flensburg website Mobile view of the Hotel Hafen Flensburg website

Corporate Publishing

“Hafenlotse” – the house magazine

What can you discover in Flensburg? What special events are on the agenda? What stories do the individual buildings tell? What’s new in the hotel? The house magazine »Hafenlotse« knows the answers to all these questions – and to a good many more. We are responsible for the concept, compile the editorial contributions and also take care of the design and layout.

Titelseite Front page and pages four and five of the house magazine “Hafenlotse” Several copies of Hotel Hafen Flensburg’s house magazine “Hafenlotse”

Hiring your crew was the best decision I made: first-rate, flexible, imaginative and still always down-to-earth – I’d set the sails again with you anytime.

Kirsten Herrmann, Managing Director To the website