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We believe competition is good because it encourages creativity and make us explore new horizons. But when prospective clients expect creative service providers to do a lot of work up front without being paid for it, we think that is neither reasonable nor acceptable. Unfortunately, this is something that is increasingly becoming established practice in our line of business; and it brings with it many disadvantages – for everyone involved:

The client often barely knows agencies they might employ, so they expect a lot up front before they make a decision. The agencies end up producing comprehensive ideas and designs, which involve a lot of costly resources and are never sensibly coordinated from the start. In the end the client frequently chooses either the cheapest agency or the one that made the best first impression. It is however all too often the case that there are in retrospect many inconsistencies and additional costs involved, simply because the concept was not fully developed and began without a sensibly coordinated foundation.

It is our unassailable opinion that outstanding, properly targeted communication can only arise from an intensive exchange of ideas and specific wishes beforehand, and experience has proved us right. The best solutions emerge after conscientious dialogue that allows both parties to fully realise what is desired and what makes sense. This is hardly, if at all, possible with a straightforward pitch.

This is why we do not take part in unpaid competitions or submit draft designs for possible commissions.

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We combine the areas of graphic design, copywriting and web development. This enables intensive and critical exchange of ideas without any diversions. This way we can design, manage and realise every project professionally and comprehensively.

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@selection.gfa – Germany’s Finest Agencies. Unser Tipp: Seite 196/197.#auszeichnung #corporatedesign …
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Großartige Show! Samstag waren wir als Gäste und Sponsor bei Flensburg singt Sinatra.#flensburgsingtsinatra …
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